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  • 10320 Gladiolus Dr. Fort Myers, FL 33908
  • (239) 481-2100
  • 10320 Gladiolus Dr. Fort Myers, FL 33908
  • (239) 481-2100


Gladiolus Learning Center and Development Center looks each year to the private sector to meet the annual budget of $1.5M. We are deeply grateful to the individuals, corporations, foundations, houses of worship and civic organizations who make it possible for us to reach and improve the lives of families who struggle daily to make sure their children receive a good education, and that they are able to keep working and put food on the table.

Gladiolus Learning & Development Center

  • Parent’s Fees
  • Government Funding
  • Private Funding

Annual Budget $1.5 million

Gladiolus Learning and Development Center is committed to making a difference to help break the cycle of poverty through education, leadership and support.

Our Community Partners